Birthday Girl: Unicorn Cupcakes

Hellooo my Lovelies! I have the feeling it has been WAY TOO LONG since I wrote to you here on the Blog. Today, I have decided to share something special with you, as I will be finally showing you some pictures of my 28’s birthday. For those of you who actually know my birth date, you will be wondering why on earth I only speak to you about it now (April 16), while my birthday was actually on February 11! I guess that proves how hard it has been for me lately to keep up with the blog.

Truth is, am really excited because I have been working on many cool projects lately both related to digital and events, and that is why I was a bit away from Bellezarebel and much more active on Instagram. Somehow, the society decided it this way, so am just going with the flow… 🙂

jenny's cake

Anyways, let’s talk a bit about my 28 Springs… I did not wanted to organize any big fiesta this year, so I had a great time with my loved ones and it was one of the best birthday I ever had. Simple, yet full of love, sushiii, laugh, unicorn cupcakes, new hair extensions to look again like Beyoncé (that one sounds SO out of subject my God) and happy moments.


Talking about unicorn cupcakes, for all of you based in Switzerland looking for delicious and stylish birthday or wedding cakes, I highly recommend you to get your dreamy cupcakes or cakes done by the talented Jennifer from Jenny’s Cakes. I met Jennifer back in January at a Wedding Fair in Bern (Swiss Capital) as I was there with my best friend (who by the way happens to also be one of the craziest bridezilla I EVER met, and God knows how many I met while I was a Wedding Planner…) Hope she won’t read this blog post, otherwise my life will be a hell. Hahaha

Now, it is not because I turned 28 that I am no longer a little girl dreaming of some magic, especially when it comes in shape of delicious red velvet unicorn cupcakes, with long lashes, of course… Hihi

Enough talky-talk, here are some of the pics we took on the morning of my Sweet 28th Birthday! Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact the talented Jennifer from Jenny’s Cakes to create and bring the WOW effect to your celebrations.

jenny's cake

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it will inspire you!

Muaks, Muaks,


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