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Croatia VLOG

Hello my Lovelies, hope summer treats you right! We just got back from a relaxing week on Brac Island and in Split, Croatia, where we rented a luxury private villa together with six other friends and my boyfriend.

I made a short VLOG about our trip to Croatia (scroll down if you are impatient!), although to be honest we have not done much a part of chilling at the swimming pool of our private villa. Truth is, Croatia is a beautiful country, where you can still feel the traditional vibes as most of the people and instructions are not in English but in Croatian instead. I love this because it makes the experience much more authentic.

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Aug 25, 2018 at 8:21am PDT

Regarding our villa, it is called Villa Martelina and it is based in Splitska, which is a small village on Brac Island, at only 10 minutes away from Supetar harbor.

Upon our arrival at Split airport, we rented a car with “Golden Car” Company, which by the way completely stole our money because of some extra car insurance bullshit although we had already paid for full cover car insurance, so DO NOT rent a car with them! We then drove to Split city, where we stayed the first night. Our hostel was called Hostel Dvor and it was really lovely and clean! We were three to arrive one day earlier so booked a room with three beds and it was perfect! Super brand new, really well located, cheap and nice hostel, so I highly recommend it to you.

Then we went to have dinner nearby at an Argentinian bar, the meat was bomb! After that we had THE most delicious ice cream I ever had at a cute place called Luka Ice Cream & Cakes. All their ice creams are homemade and sooo tasty! I got the cookies flavor with the chocolate cone… I still dream of it now I swear!

We then visited Split and it is a truly beautiful city. Love the vibes and the ancient architecture. Would have loved to film more there for the VLOG but it was so hot (42 degrees Celsius) that I simply did not feel like getting my camera out. Visiting Split felt a bit like Greece with the ruins. So nice and pretty!

The next day it was time for us to head to our dreamy private villa we rented with Luxury Retreats. We grabbed our car and went on the ferry with it since we needed a car to go around the island.

Now, instead of describing everything here by written, here is our mini VLOG! Enjoy!


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