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“Earrings Jackets” is the Answer!

Happy 1st of November my lovelies! Hope you are doing well! Let’s talk about ear jewelry today. Are you always wearing the same earrings because you feel like other types make your face look too different? Or do you enjoy changing often, always seeking for new shapes and ideas? As you might have noticed, I almost only wear pearls as earrings, which by the way are always made of plastic (because I lose them all the time and why buy expensive ones if I can get tones of plastic ones…)? Sarcastic jokes apart, today I would like to share with you my new favorite earrings which are called “earrings jackets”. Why? Because I am sure you will love them as much as I do! So yes, after way to many years, I have finally dropped my super shiny plastic pearls and have started to wear earrings jackets since September 2016 and still can’t get enough of them. Here is why…

So what are earrings jackets and why am I obsessed with them? Earrings jackets are a piece of jewelry that literally dresses your ears as a jacket would on your beautiful body! Although it doesn’t cover up you ears in Winter! At least, not yet! One thing which I really like is that by wearing a certain type of earrings jackets, you will realize right away that these beauties are actually a real stunner and are enough to style your entire outfit.

Another cool thing about earrings jackets is that you don’t need to have your entire ears pierced obviously but it might look like you actually did it, when wearing earrings jackets.

earrings jackets

So, if you would like to opt for a chic look, I recommend you to go for the pearl or the bling earring jackets. If you, however, like to change your style quite often, I would suggest to get some earrings jackets with spikes and a touch of glam, giving you a rock and stylish look in an instant. Personally, I feel like my style is a bit of a chameleon… Some days I wear a total rock outfit mixed with some denim, some other days I wear a kinda boho outfit and some others I prefer a much more classical style. I guess that’s why I got all these beauties as I found it too hard to choose only one pair!

earrings jackets
earrings jackets

What about you girls? Have you tried earrings jackets yet? How do you like this trend?

Muaks, Muaks



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