Favorite Brunch Places in Barcelona

Hello Loves! Barcelona became my second home now since a few years and although I already wrote two posts about this Catalan Jewel (Fav’ restaurants & Places you should’t miss), many of you asked me about my favorite brunch places in Barcelona, so there you go, I am finally sharing it with you on the blog.

“We accept the brunch we think we deserve… So here are my Favorite Brunch Places in Barcelona, which YOU totally deserve!”


If there could only be one single brunch place on this earth, I would definitely want it to be Brunch & Cake by the Sea by Brunch & Cake Chain! I will not need to write a lot about it because my brunch pictures will speak for themselves. The team at Brunch & Cake likes to describe themselves as “Passionate about simple things made with love and the best available ingredients.” With a slogan such as “In Grandmothers we Trust”, this fabulous and hipster brunch chain in Barcelona will enlighten your day and fill your stomach in the healthiest, most colorful and prettiest way, making you living with the urgent need to come back the next morning. Another thing I love is that they are open every day, so no need to wait for the weekend to treat yourself with a yummy brunch. Yes, you understood it, I deeply fell IN LOVE with Brunch & Cake shops! Who would not? So naturally, Brunch & Cake is one of my favorite brunch places in Barcelona.

My Tips? Try their yummy Açai Bowl, Strawberry Pancakes, black waffles with salmon & poached eggs and tropical smoothies!


This brunch place has been my favorite in Barcelona for a long time until I discovered Brunch & Cakes chain. I still go to La Esquina often because it is less crowded, the brunch is delicious and it is situated right in the center of Barcelona near Plaça Cataluyna. The style of the restaurant is also hipster, exactly how I love it to be and the staff is nice. These are all some of the reasons why La Esquina is one of my favorite brunch places in Barcelona.

My Tips? Try their Royal Eggs, fresh fruits yoghurt (only 4€ ) and have a ABC detox juice!


This café place serves some of the healthiest and yummiest bowls and smoothies I have ever tried! All granola & fresh fruits bowls look super pretty, are yummy and perfect for your Instagram Pictures Brunch! It is situated near Barceloneta MRT station, not far from Brunch & Cake by the Sea and I believe it is open every day of the week, so go treat yourself! 

My Tips? Have a Latte Macchiato, Açai Bowl and some blueberry pancakes!

What’s your favorite brunch spot in your city?

Thanks for reading and see you again soon on the blog to discover my next “Coups de Coeur”!

Muaks, Muaks,


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