From Globetrotter to Tourist in my Own Country

Hey beautiful souls! It’s been a little while since I haven’t been posting about traveling. Truth is that although my life for the past 6 years was all about constant traveling moments and moving abroad to new countries, I recently took the difficult decision to reduce my journeys abroad in order to stay close to my family back in Switzerland and Spain.

I would lie to you if I would tell you that I don’t miss the exciting nomad life I used to have but I will turn 27 years old in a few months and it’s time for me to kinda start to be *stable* (at least for a few years, till I jump in a plane again to realize one of my biggest dream; traveling the world for 6 months or a year!) So my travels now resume themselves to either visiting my family in Switzerland or Barcelona in Spain. As I’ve already shared a lot with you about my favorite places and restaurants in Barcelona, I will try to make you discover more about Switzerland and start to be a Tourist in my own country!

So today, I would like to take you to Geneva, which is one of the two Swiss cities you keep on hearing about in the American movies when peeps talk about banks and dirty money! Jokes apart, as I know most of you not only come from Switzerland but also majorly from the USA, Spain, Australia, UK and Singapore (Sooo happy and honored to have you all here so regularly from that many countries around the globe!), I hope you will enjoy my futures posts about Swiss cities and places worth visiting at least once in your life! 🙂 And if you come by, please come say hi and feel free to ask for tips!

Quick Glance to a Winter Afternoon in Geneva, Switzerland



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