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Hey Guys! Hope you are well. 🙂

Since I am really busy these days, it is hard for me to keep you updated here on the blog on all my favorite beauty products and all the amazing places I am travelling to lately. Thus, I know that chances are high that not all of you already follow me on my Instagram. If you do then no need to read any further, but if you don’t and visit my blog quite often, I happily suggest you to join me on Instagram as well since that is where I am active on a daily basis and that is where ALL the fun happens!

There, you will of course discover life through my eyes/camera with some nice filters of course but you will also be able to follow my funny little Insta stories, where I am no one but my-very-self… Sometimes, I show you what a mess I actually am, sometimes I unpack some cool things I receive, sometimes I am just me, hence a little crazy (most of the time hiding behind a kitty filter, cause yeah.. that makes me look SO much more cute than I actually am!)

If ALL of the above is not convincing you enough to also join me on Insta-fabulous-filters-world, then you truly are a very PATIENT person (and I totally respect you for it), and I will see you back here soon on the blog!

Muaks, Muaks!



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I am Cíndy, a 30yo Swiss Blogger since 2016 and ex-Wedding/Events Planner, now working as a Creative Digital Consultant & Coach at CocoStories Agency.


Here, I write blog posts about my love for styling things and travelling, as well as sharing my experience with personal development, mindfulness and growth, in order to hopefully help and inspire YOU on various lifestyle and wellbeing topics.

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