New City, new Desenio Frames

Before I forget, my code “COCOREBELISTA” gives you 25% off posters* on all Desenio websites between the 8th-10th of December 2020. Follow @desenio for more inspiration! *Except for frames and for handpicked and personalized posters.

Hello my lovelies! After a little break, I am happy to be back on the blog today to share with you my latest beautiful Desenio posters and frames selection, together in partnership with Desenio, my go-to brand in terms of beautiful mural decoration.

As you may have realized, I left my lovely flat near Lausanne, where I lived for the past 3,5 years, one month ago, to move to a shared apartment in the center of Zürich. This year made me realize how much I needed to make changes in my life and the tough situations I went through made me take actions to put an end to my past and start a new chapter, in a new city.

A part to this change, was to modify my bedroom decoration with some details. Small details, making a great difference to the overall mood. I loved my room furniture and design, so I kept my favorite color scheme "white, cream, beige, and some tiny touches of wood and black". I would say the overall style is clean, pure, calm, elegant and cozy, thanks to the Bohemian and Berber vibes.

Now, in my previous room, I had some summery Desenio posters in black frames. They were mainly palm trees and ocean photographs. It's definitely still my style and I may use these again in the future. However, this time, I decided to give a more organic and calm vibe to my bedroom, so my current 3 posters, situated on the wall, just above my bed are the ones I shared with you on the above picture.

Here below, I am adding again the references of my current 3 Desenio posters for you, as well as some more pictures of how nice they look in my bedroom and...

Embrace the Now (30x40) REF. N°: 14499-5

Sand Bed (30x40) REF. N°: 15107-5

Sunkissed Skin (30x40) REF. N°: 14524-5

I also got this gorgeous Desenio "Surfers Beach" poster with the wooden frame for the living room:

Plus, ALL the below other posters I bought, since I could not pick just a few and literally could NOT, not get them all! That is, SO typical of me... I got way too many of them, literally, because I am unable to pick just a few and also in order to change often, depending on my mood and on the look I want to give to my bedroom.

Desenio has way too many gorgeous posters and it's simply too hard to only select a few !!!

I mean... look at my FULL selection:




( and 1 ocean waves + the picture of the 3 wooden frames I got for my bedroom)

Last but not least, not only I highly recommend you to get your posters from Desenio, but I also really recommend you to buy their frames too! The quality is really good and the frames are very light, compared to frames from other brands. This make the whole process of adding frames to your walls much easier and safer.

TRUST ME, you will thank me later ! :)

Don't forget that my code “COCOREBELISTA” gives you 25% off posters* on all Desenio websites between the 8th-10th of December 2020. *Except for frames and for handpicked and personalized posters. Follow @desenio for more inspiration!

This is it for this new home decoration review. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will get yourself some pretty frames to style your home!

Big hugs and see you on IG and here!

Thanks for reading and take care of you,


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