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Marrakech VLOG: 6 Days, 4 Riads

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Hello my Lovelies, I just got back from Marrakech a few weeks ago and am already looking at my agenda to see when I could go back (but my Bank is laughing/yelling at me, so now I need to work a bit again). Yes, that is how much I LOVED our trip to Marrakech! Really dreaming to be back there soon.

About a year ago, I started to crave to visit Marrakech and I think I ended up being sooo annoying that for last Christmas, my BF decided to offer me plane tickets to the place I dreamed of and kept on talking SO much about. Now, I received many many awesome Christmas gifts in my life; Pocahontas Barbie, no wait… each single Disney Princess Barbies actually, Mermaids PollyPockets, an iPhone and the list goes on!) I had a wonderful childhood and I am fine admitting it, but somehow, getting these plane tickets will also definitely stay at the top of my happy little inner girl’s surprise dreamy Xmas gifts.

The next day after I received the plane tickets from Barcelona to Marrakech with Ryanair, I told my BF that I knew exactly where I wanted to stay at and that not only it looks breathtaking but also, it is strangely affordable (really hope it will stay this way).

The Power of Pinterest

I used to check TripAdvisor a lot in the past when it came to booking accommodations but for Marrakech, I preferred to direct my researches on both Instagram and Pinterest, and then eventually quickly check the comments on TripAdvisor just to “be safe”. I knew the Riads I wanted to stay at were starting to get famous on Social Medias since some big bloggers had stayed to some of them and their gorgeous pictures got viral.

Book it, before you Miss it

Since these Riads were starting to be in high demand, we knew we had to rush a bit to book all the dreamy Riads we dreamed to stay at. Sooo happy/lucky we did book in December 2017 for May 2018 because now, these exact same Riads are fully booked almost 1,5 years in advance!

Here is a piece of advice for you, if you wish to stay at one of the following Riads we stayed at, and that you will discover in this post, make sure you book well in advance, otherwise you may feel a bit sadden. Because to be honest with you, each single of these Riads made us kind of feel like we were the happiest kids of the universe, having the most amazing Vacay ever… Although trust me, we had a lot of pretty amazing vacay around the globe already as you may have noticed. That’s our thing, we just spend all our dollars to travel to cool places and live memorable experiences, while others would rather get some materialistic things.

The Riads we stayed at

Ok, now it is time for you to discover the 4 Arabic jewels we stayed at (in the correct order) during 6 days in Marrakech.

Since there are many things I want to share with you on each Riads, I will soon share one blog post per Riad and you will soon be able to click below on the Riads you wish to know more about, to discover our experience there as well as our pictures. Please just be a little bit patient. 🙂

1) Riad Chamali

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on May 22, 2018 at 12:00am PDT

2) Riad Yasmine

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on May 23, 2018 at 11:29pm PDT

3) Riad BE Marrakech

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on May 26, 2018 at 1:29am PDT

4) Riad Jardin Secret

A post shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Jul 19, 2018 at 7:57am PDT

Muaks, Muaks


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