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Roland Garros: 1 Day as a VIP Guest

Hello my Lovelies ! I just got back from a short trip to Paris where I got to see one of my best friend from my university and got invited to attend Roland Garros on June 3rd 2017, for a day with… VIP access! I still have little stars in my eyes because I used to play a lot of tennis when I was a kid. Thus, getting the opportunity to attend Roland Garros has always been one of my childhood’s dream and it came true thanks to the Roland Garros Sponsor team!

“And just like this, one of my greatest childhood’s dream came true…”

Joining Roland Garros as a VIP Guest for a day

After 27 years, I finally sat and watched a game at the Court Philippe Chatrier and what a game I started with! Okey… I must tell you, I totally jumped of happiness everywhere and I clearly looked like I was not used to be something rich and cool peeps call a “VIP”… but I could not care less, I was finally there, so could not hide how I felt! As I was a bit late, I did not have time to check who was going to play that day so I was not expecting too much knowing that my fav’ player Roger Federer was not playing this year and that Nadal had played the day before. Now, I must admit that I am not used to access events as a VIP guest so this experience was definitely one to remember. From an events management perspective, I was impressed with the whole organization and as an Events Professional myself, I was so so happy to take part of such an important and beautiful event, even more knowing that I was there to enjoy and not to work for once!

roland garros

roland garros

Getting & Staying there

After spending the night at my friend’s place near the Trocadero, I grabbed a taxi to quickly check-in and leave my luggage at the Holiday Inn Paris-Auteuil hotel were we stayed at for one night. Once I left my luggage at the reception, I jumped back in the taxi, direction Roland Garros. Once I got there, I did not have to do ANY queue, the way to get to the Gate D was clear and super-fast. The staff was adorable and you could only feel secure knowing how many times they checked our bags and asked for our private invitation. I guess in the past I would have found this annoying but knowing the world we now live in, I did not mind at all and thought the organizers definitely did an excellent job. Once I got to the entrance, I got a warm welcome by the sponsor team who invited me and I then received my Roland Garros Village access card. This precious piece of paper was my one-day-key to access all the games I wanted during that day.

roland garros

5 meters away from the world’s best Tennis Players

We first had the chance to see the world number one tennis player, Andy Murray, playing against Del Potro and after a delicious lunch with the agency who invited me, we went to see my Swiss compatriot, Stanislas Wawrinka, currently ranked 3rd best world tennis player. Those of you, who know me, know that I am not a very nationalist person but during that game, I was closed to grab my red MAC lipstick from my bag to draw the Swiss flag on my cheek! Haha Not only was it amazing to be there but it was even more awesome to be sitting THAT close to the players.

roland garros
roland garros

I will never thank the Roland Garros Sponsor team enough for having me, because this experience was truly magical and one to remember.

What is your childhood biggest dream and did you realize it already?

Thank you for reading and see you again soon on the blog for new exciting adventures!

Muaks, Muaks,


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