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Top 10 Places To Visit in Bali – PART I

Because Bali is always a good idea! – Part One

How to ensure your 10 days are well spent in Paradise? If you are planning your trip to Bali, you might be a bit confused whether you want to spend some time relaxing in Ubud, enjoying its beautiful nature environment and refreshing infinity pools or if you would rather opt for some fun surfing and partying areas. Let us help you by sharing our TOP 10 PLACES with you, which will make your stay a memorable one!

Like on every trip I plan, I usually write down a short list of the top 10 things we want to explore and experiment. To do so, I spend few hours on Google and blogs to find out how to spend my time in the most efficient and fun way, while still respecting my set budget. So let me save you some research and precious time right now by giving you an awesome TOP 10 things to do when in pretty Bali.


1) Balinese Sunset and Traditional Dance in Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu)

Uluwatu Temple is one of the six most important temples thought to be Bali’s spiritual pillars. It is famous for its wonderful location, floating on top of a sharp cliff roughly 70 metres above the sea level. When visiting this temple, we had the chance to discover marvellous sunset backdrops as well as a traditional Balinese dance show which was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for us.


After all, Bali is famous to be a romantic destination, thanks to its wonderful culture, landscapes and breath-taking sunsets that Mother Nature shares every evening. On a slightly less glamorous side, I would suggest you to ask a Balinese Private Driver to take you there and wait for you while you enjoy your time there, as it is the safest and nicest option unless if you do not mind waiting many hours queuing to get a taxi. 🙂


2) Explore and Jump in the Gitgit Waterfalls

You should not miss visiting these beautiful waterfalls known for their super dark and refreshing water. It was quite an experience to get there as we had to walk for a while in the middle of the jungle. Once we arrived closer to the Waterfalls, there was a small wooden house and that is where two locals told us that we were about to see the Waterfalls but if we wanted to see them, we had to pay. I cannot remember the exact amount but we felt a bit trapped but ended up paying. After all, these people need these few dollars more than we did.

Once we passed that little house, only a few meters away, we finally saw the famous Gitgit Waterfalls and felt like it was worth the walk. The water was transparent, really refreshing and dark because of its black rocks and the trees on the high rocks would not let the sun come across.

My BF was brave (or crazy) enough to jump in it and we had a great laugh but I was not that adventurous on that one. That’s definitely a cool place to visit in Bali and you can shoot some nice pictures too but if you are a chicken like me you might not have a swim at this spot!


As you can see it is pretty dark and mysterious, I was really amazed by this place. There were some people who were trekking the waterfalls, so if that is something you would like to do in Bali, it can be done here at Gitgit waterfalls too! Find out more here.

3) Discover Pura Tanah lot Temple built on a Coral Rock

Tanah Lot which means Land and Sea, is situated on a big coral rock in the sea, which looks like a small island floating on the water, located at Beraban village and situated on the south coast of Bali. We have decided to visit this beautiful temple as you can feel a strong connection with the sea and during our visit we learnt that this place invokes the balance of sea and earth as well as prosperity which truly are important elements to South East Asian and Asian people.

This temple is a real delight for the eyes, where nature meets historical and religious architecture. We have seen a few Buddhist Monks who were meditating on the rock and I feel like it is truly wonderful to have beautiful souls who in the 21st Century still dedicate their life to spiritual causes.

What I love the most about all these places I visit here in South East Asia is the marvellous people we meet, life here is just so different than in our busy and fast-paced Western countries… Travelling here will really make you think a lot and see life from a completely different angle, under a brand new light. It will somehow change you forever.

4) Get amazed by the views at Pura Ulun Danu Temple

Situated at the north of Bali Island, Pura Ulun Danu is definitely my favourite temple I have been to so far. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is a key water temple on the shores of the Bratan Lake (Danau Bratan). This aquatic piece of jewel was built by the King of Mengwi in 1633 who offered and dedicated this temple to the Lake Goddess. I had seen this temple so many times on Pinterest and post cards that I knew I had to go there once in my life to see it from my own eyes.


When I got there, I felt full of really deep and beautiful emotions, you know the kind of feeling that makes you thank God so deeply for being alive and you feel so blessed to be there at this very particular moment. It is truly wonderful to experience and visit such an amazing and peaceful place with its lake, fresh air and mountains backdrop.

There is so much culture and history in this place that it gives you chills, it truly is my favourite temple from all the ones I have visited in South East Asia so far. Pura Ulun Danu really is a true insipration and jewel full of arts and secrets. An absolute MUST visit on your list! 🙂

5) Experience Ubud’s Relaxed and Good Vibes

Although we only stopped there for a few hours, Ubud is a place I would love to visit again but longer this time. It is a must see and experiment if you love Yoga, Peaceful Nature and if you have an Artistic Soul.


Although Ubud is busy and crowded, you can take a short 20-minute walk that will lead you to Penastanan, a small village which just sits above Ubud. Penastanan seemed to be mainly chosen by artists and expats, and in my opinion it is where you should stay over to experience the real Balinese peace.


You will find this little village as much more relaxed vibes and is quieter than central Ubud and it is the perfect spot to enjoy some fresh young coconut… If you have not realized it yet, coconut water is my one true addiction and Bali definitely has the biggest and tastiest ones, lucky me!

Locals are the sweetest here, they always have a smile on and have it is the prettiest and most sincere one you can see. Hospitality here is in their blood and in Penastanan you can find plenty of delicious restaurants with stunning views across the valley. This peaceful piece of jewel truly is a place where one can only feel good, relaxed and happy.

Muaks, Muaks



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