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Top 10 Places To Visit in Bali – PART II

Because Bali is always a good idea! – Part Two

As you’ve just discovered while reading our Top 10 Places To Visit in Bali, because Bali is always a good idea! – PART I, here are the 5 awesome remaining activities to complete your list of TOP 10 MUST DO & VISIT WHEN IN BALI…

6) Soak up the Sun at Seminyak Beach

Seminyak is known as one of the fanciest and most developed part of the island, it is also one of the most westernized and touristic place in Bali and surely is not as trashy as Kuta. In Seminyak you will find many boutiques for your shopping sessions as well as many Western food, bars, nightclubs and hotels.

There are also some famous beach clubs, speaking of which we went to the Potato Head Beach Club because everyone kept on telling us how cool it was, however apart from their yummy burger and salad (a little overpriced), the Beach Club swimming pool was pretty dirty and we were not that impressed with it.


The above picture is the yummy food and below picture is Potato Head Beach Club, it looks quite nice like this but only if you do not mind over-crowded touristic places.


Personally, this is not my cup of tea as this Beach Club to me does not represent Bali at all. However, I guess it is a nice spot for Western Expats who are feeling homesick if that is ever possible when living on such a wonderful island.

Thus, I would not necessarily recommend Potato Head Beach Club as I felt like it was a bit of a waste of time and we could have been spending that day somewhere else in Bali.

La Plancha, Seminyak Beach

Now, here this THE PLACE you have to go to, otherwise you will regret it big time and you won’t be able to tell me otherwise! Seminyak Beach is my favorite place in Bali to chill and enjoy feeling young, wild and free!



I will never forget the “much awaited” sunsets Seminyak beach offers on a daily basis either.  Personally, La Plancha is my number one place on Seminyak beach if not in the whole world and I highly recommend it to you too if you love the “Boho” kind of life; enjoying great music, salty hair, sandy and sun-kissed toes, some mojitos, delicious tapas and picturesque views of Bali sunsets.

So, if you are in Bali and about to head there, know that I am super-duper jealous, so promise me you will enjoy each second of it!

7) Enjoy a delicious and romantic Seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach

Now you asked for Romantic, I will give you R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C!




8) Chill and enjoy the positive vibes at a wonderful Hotel or Villa with an infinity pool

Because that’s part of the trip too, isn’t it?! When in Bali we spent our 9 nights at a lovely hotel called the Kuta Beach Heritage.




9) Take Surf lessons in Kuta

Bali is famous for its big waves and surf spots. Thus, why wouldn’t we take this as an opportunity to challenge ourselves by learning how to master this ocean art, while shaping our body like a beach goddess?



Our teacher told us that we should surf early in the morning, but as none of us are morning peeps, we felt like afternoon was fine too. Well guess what, we failed because the waves were there but the wind was super strong and the ocean RIP Current was so strong that it was impossible for us to walk with the surf and swim in the water. By the way we also lost our Go Pro because of a big wave (still wondering who ended up finding it… I hope it’s a mermaid!), Gosh that was an awful moment. Anyways, as I always say and even got tattooed, there are no mistakes, everything is always a lesson. So we learnt and the following days we followed all the instructions correctly and were happy to stand up on the boards, although we were far from being pros… So please, if you guys are also super keen on taking some surf lessons make sure you are ready to wake up early and be in the water around 6:30am or 7am, because that is THE moment for you to surf the waves.


10) Rent a motorbike and don’t forget your camera!

I am calling all of you beautiful and adventurous souls out there, keen on wandering and getting lost in beautiful places. My last but not least recommendation for you to ensure your adventure in Bali is spent to the fullest is to rent a motorbike and just GO.



My favourite place to wander in Bali is Ubud. I just love to drive-through its immense rice fields and get to meet with smiling locals who work there, finding true peace while looking at this nature jewel, feeling like the world is yours and nothing is impossible.

Now, you beautiful and adventurous souls, go wander and tell us about your Balinese experience, any top places you have preferred and why?

Muaks, Muaks & have a safe flight to your future adventures!


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