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Travel Tips: How using Luggage Free changed my life

Hello my Lovelies! Am back with a travel post after way too long I know… In this article, I will not really write a lot because my new travel tip is pretty straight forward, so it should not take you more than 1 minute to read it if not less.

Time to move to another country

Remember the time when I was living abroad? Well guess what, each single time I moved back to Switzerland, I had the exact same stressful issue… Packing up ALL the stuff I bought and accumulated during my years in the US, UK, Spain and Singapore. Not only it was not that efficient to jump on my luggage to close it, but also when it would luckily close, chances were high it weighted way too much and it was going to cost me a fortune.

The Packing Struggle

Now, I bet each one of you had these frustrating and annoying packing issues at least once in your life, especially as girls. Depending on the airline companies, some allow us to take 20kg, 23kg or 30kg when flying in Economic Class depending on how far we travel. Some companies like Emirates or Qatar Airways are quite nice in terms of 1 or 2 extra kg (especially if the staff at the counter is a guy and you make your Bambi eyes!) but that clearly is not the case with many other airline companies.

How can I bring back ALL the stuff I want without paying too much?

So the question is, how can I bring back all the stuff I want without paying too much? After some search on Google, I discovered the company Luggage Free, which allows you to ship your luggage anywhere in the world for a much more affordable price than if you would pay these stupid extra kilos with your airline companies.

How does Luggage Free work?

I personally used Luggage Free services when I left Singapore back in July 2016 and was moving back to my parents’ house in Switzerland. I registered online on Luggage Free website and in just a few easy and quick clicks; my luggage transfer was planned and set for the following day. I was a bit worried at first in terms of security because I wanted to ensure my luggage would travel safely from my Singaporean flat to my family house in Switzerland, so I checked reviews and forums to find out if the service was safe and I am happy to inform you that all went safely and well as planned. You receive a tracking info and will receive the delivery info as well.

So, before you start crying because you cannot take it all with you or you get upset jumping desperately on your suitcase, have a look at the extra costs your airline companies requires you to pay for your luggage extra kilos. Then, easily compare it with Luggage Free pricing and happily bring all your lovely memories, souvenirs and discoveries with you to your next destination, wherever your home is.

Hope you found this review helpful! If you enjoyed it, please click on the heart button below, it would mean a lot to me!

Trust me, Luggage Free will make your life easier, makes you happier and more relaxed when moving abroad or back home without emptying your wallet either.

Happy packing and have a safe flight my Lovelies!

Muaks, Muaks,


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