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5 Tips to Plan a Fun Summer Party

Oh Summer, how happy are we that it is your time of the year again! One of my favorite part during these warm sunny and long days, is that you can celebrate outside, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air, feel the sun kissing your skin, and throw some amazing pool, garden and BBQ parties on, down with your friends and family, all in the comfort of one of your relatives’ own back garden if not in yours directly.

Because it is all about planning and having fun, I am much delighted to share my 5 tips for you to organize your perfect summer celebration!

1) The Conceptualization and Planning Phase

Make sure you have a set budget, a date and a fun concept (if you need some inspo, click here) you can achieve on time. This 1st tip is all about planning smart, so that you enjoy the process rather than being stressed. Here you want to ensure that all elements needed for your party to be a success are realistic and don’t exceed your budget. If you don’t pay attention to this basic planning part, the worst thing that could happen your way is that on the day of the party, your guests are here but you have no food, no drinks, no decoration, no music, no lights, no tables maybe even no venue… to make it short, you are having a nightmare, eyes wide open. Now neither you want that to happen nor your friends no matter how much the sun is out. So get a piece of paper, start planning and don’t forget to have fun and that for any events, one is never too prepared.


2) Compare Prices and Make it Happen 

Once you know what you want to do, how much money you have and if your friends fancy coming to your party, start organizing the party supplies. Websites like Etsy and Aliexpress offer a lot of fun and awesome festivity accessories you will probably need; including big round balloons, themed straws, inflatable Giant Swan/Flamingo/Donuts/Unicorn, games, props, fairy lights, tableware and many other cool decoration. As for the F&B parts (Food & Beverage) make sure to check out your local supermarkets to see which one offers the best prices and quality as this is a big part of your Summer Party success as well.


3) Have a Plan B

Because no matter where you live in the world – the weather is this one beautiful/annoying Mother Nature master piece that no one will ever be able to control. Thus, make sure you have a Plan B, C and D; think about where a shelter is and how you could move the important elements (F&B, Electronics, table set up and some decoration if you can). Also plan on where you could grill the meat and veggies should the worst happen. Last but not least, have a plan for activities you can do inside, Twister game or some other fancier games are something your guests could do whatever the weather is.


4) The Clock is ticking

You have now received all your awesome party supply, can’t wait to put it all together and see your friends’ reactions… That’s really exciting, thus to ensure everything goes as planned in your head, allow yourself time on the day to get things sorted. I would suggest you to get 2-3 friends, depending on how many guests you are expecting, to help you and perhaps one of them is wonderful at making cupcakes or fun cookies so you could ask them (don’t if it’s super last minute though!) to bring their sweet and yummy talent for all to taste, or one might be able to stop by a little earlier just to help you with the food and drinks preparation, setting up the decoration, tableware and start playing out some cool music, so you can get yourself fresh, dressed and pretty!


5) It’s Party Time and You Should Celebrate too

This is what a party is for, having a good time and celebrating life all together. It isn’t just your guests who should have fun at your summer celebration you should too! So don’t stress nor run from place to place with dishes every two minutes. Instead, set up an area where people can bring their plates when finished with and allow yourself to sit down and have some coconut water by the pool and a Mojito or two!

Now, what about you, what are your top tips to organize an awesome summer party?

Muaks, Muaks



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