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6 Tips to Plan a Perfect Boho Wedding

Hello Beautiful! I am calling all the free, wandering and bohemian souls out there. As you know one of my greatest passion (which happens to also be a part of my job) is to organize and style weddings. Now, every wedding is different in its own way and there is a perfect theme for each couples. Thus, in this post I would like to share with you one of my favorite wedding theme and inspiring you through a variety of photos and details, while giving you my 6 tips to plan a perfect Boho Wedding.

6 tips to plan a perfect Boho Wedding

1) Pick a Romantic Outdoor Venue

By choosing the right venue, you are already half way to style your romantic boho wedding theme.

Try to opt for a place with lots of greenery, trees and flowers. It could either be in a garden, the forest or a field as long as there is an indoor venue which you can use in case of bad weather.


2) Use Wild Flowers

Because your lovely wedding theme is all about nature and romanticism, ensure you use lots of wild and fresh flowers to decorate every single element of your wedding and don’t forget to wear a beautiful flower crown. The secret here is to give the impression you have picked up the flowers in the nature directly.


3) Boho Wedding Ceremony

Whether your ceremony happens on a beach or in a green landscape, make sure you set up a romantic arch. This is really important as you will be exchanging your vows there and many pictures will be taken, so it better be gorgeous! Then if you are on the grass, placing some colorful bohemian carpets to mark the aisle would be a lovely idea too.

boho wedding

4) Combine Vintage and Bohemian Tableware

Combine vintage elements and use an assortment of glassware and tableware to make your décor statement. A mixture of different styles and colors of tablecloth, chairs, carpets and cushions are a lovely touch too.


5) Boho Cake

No wedding can be a happy one without a gorgeous and sweet cake. Pick a cake design that fits in well with your boho theme and you will enchant your guests!


6) Details are Everything

In order to complete your perfect boho wedding design, be creative and put a lot of attention to details, as this will bring the final romantic touch to your big day.


Now, which kind of wedding theme are YOU dreaming to have?

Muaks, Muaks



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