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Celebrate this Fall 2020 in style with Pumpkins

Hello there beautiful soul! Time flies and it’s this time of the year again… you know, when the color of the leaves changes for a warmer look, pumpkins start to replace pineapples and the sun starts its journey back to the south hemisphere. I don’t know about you but every single year, it saddens me to realize that warm days in the north hemisphere are coming to an end. The positive aspect of it however is that fall is a beautiful season and it is therefore an absolute “must” to welcome & celebrate it in style!

Now, every year we throw some carving pumpkins events with my American friends but this year I feel like doing something slightly different. Thus, in this post, you will learn how to style and pimp boring pumpkins into super stylish and fashionable ones! All this with the purpose of having a lot of fun, while creating the WOW effect at your next dinner celebration with your besties or family!

Here is what you will need to celebrate this fall 2020 in style:

1) A variety of Sizes and Shapes of Pumpkins

Although you might have a preference for the popular pumpkin shape, it can look really nice if you get some different ones.


2) Pick a Color Scheme so that your Pumpkins will match and look super Classy

I do admit, I have a serious obsession with gold, white, beige and pastel colors. However, you can use any color you love but ensure you are respecting a color scheme. Otherwise, the style you might wish your pumpkins to have might end up varying from your initial vision.

Some trendy decoration color combinations this autumn are black & white, black & gold, white & gold, white & silver, anthracite grey & gold, beige & gold.


3) A Paintbrush + Paint Cans or Sprays

Whether you choose to use paint or sprays, ensure that the one you pick fixes the color well on soft and slippery textures. I personally recommend you to opt for a spray as it will be much easier and faster.


4) Decoration and Calligraphy

To make your pumpkins shine this fall, you can go the extra mile and dress some of them with glitters! These latter could come in shape of spike, round, triangle, rectangle and can be thin or thick… literally any shape you might think of can look stunning! In other words, you can pick any glitter that could be used for nail art and gold & silver body tattoos. These will be perfect to style your pumpkins!

An alternative is for you to draw or write something on some of your pumpkins either with a thick shiny pen or to use your creativity by using glue to draw and write. In this case, don’t forget to then add glitter on it before the glue gets dry!


5) Let’s Make it Happen

Now that you have all the material you need in order to style your pumpkins, it’s time to get into action!

1) Material Preparation

Grab an old newspaper, your pumpkins and the paint/spray you picked.

2) Prepare the space

Go outside and try to be under a covered roof in case it gets rainy. Don’t spray anything indoor, as it will smell forever and you might spray your floor or your home furniture which wouldn’t make this styling session fun anymore, so head out.

3) Ensure all is ready and clean

Once out, put some sheets of your newspaper on the ground and make sure it’s thick enough.


4) Ready to paint/spray

Place your pumpkins on the newspaper sheets and start to paint/spray your pumpkins.

I would recommend you to use at least two colors; one for the main part and another one for the pumpkins little top thingy. Don’t be afraid to put a few coats of paint/spray to ensure the color is p-e-r-f-e-c-t-o!



5) Let them dry

Once you finish with the coloring, leave your pumpkins outside for 1 to 2 hours (basically until they’re dry).

6) Glam Touch

Now that your pumpkins color is gorgeous and all dry, it’s time for you to select a few pumpkins in order to dress them up with some glitters.


Do not add “bling” to all your pumpkins if you are opting for a classy and chic style. As making some of them look simpler, will help to make both types stand out.

To fix the glitters, you can use a special glue that sticks well on soft and slippery textures. Although your old sticky transparent gloss, the one you no longer use since the 2002 but still have in your makeup drawer could be a great alternative too! 😉


7) Keep them fresh

Once they all glow and are ready, keep them outside under a covered place, as pumpkins like us humans, need the cold to keep fresh and on having their face lifted! It’s proved so don’t laugh.


8) Set them up

Then when it’s time to set the table, start by placing  your beautiful pumpkins and then place your tableware. Wow effect will be guaranteed!


9) Take pictures & have a fun celebration

Take plenty of pictures and share your art here with us on, by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to share the link to your pictures with us!

So there you go beautiful soul, you now know how to celebrate your Fall celebrations in style thanks to the power of pimping pumpkins!

We can’t wait to see your wonderful pumpkins! 🙂

Thanks for reading and feel free to click on the heart button below if you have enjoyed this post! It would mean a lot to me. 🙂

Muaks, Muaks


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