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Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style

To all parents of a 2016 Baby out there, hats off, you have successfully fulfilled your first year of parenthood! Doesn’t it feel like it was just yesterday you celebrated the exciting arrival of your beloved baby? Well time flies and it is now time for you to plan your sweetheart’s first birthday celebration! Your baby’s first birthday only happens once in a lifetime, thus let me inspire and guide you with these original ideas to ensure this special day will be a memorable one, celebrated in style.

Pick a Meaningful Theme

The first step to organize your unforgettable Baby first birthday bash is to pick a theme. To do so, you can either decide on a theme you like or you can personalize one by thinking of what your baby loves and then create a theme around it. Let’s say for example your baby likes eating pineapple a lot, you might wish to choose a theme connected to this.

Select 12 Photographs of each of your baby’s month

Mothers take tones of pictures of their newborn especially during his/her first year. Thus, now is the moment for you to showcase your photographer talents to your guests. To do so, create a space where you will be able to display in a creative way, one picture per month spent with Baby. This will be such a sweet idea for your baby’s first birthday party.

Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style
Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style

Add some pop of color with Balloons and Garlands

Whether they come under the shape of the number one, the name of your baby or big and round, these latter is a must-have to celebrate this day in style.

Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style

Put in some great effort in a Candy, Cake & Cookies Bar Table

Because not only Baby but you too as parents deserve a treat on this special day! Set a candy bar area which will be the center piece of this celebration. Ensure you follow the theme and color scheme. If you do not know how to bake, don’t worry and hire a Cake Supplier specialized in pretty parties.

Add a final touch to your Candy Bar with Backdrops

It is lovely to organize a Sweets Bar Table but it is even prettier when you style it with a beautiful background. Whether you decide to use flowers, a wall with frames or just a simple curtain, one thing is certain, this set up will enchant your sweets corner and your guests.

It’s all about the Details

Details are really important in order to ensure the theme is cohesive and stylish.

Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style

Sweet Gifts for your guests

Don’t forget to express how thankful you are to have your relatives and guests taking the time to join you on this celebration. To do so, offer them a sweet gift and thank them.

Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style

Hire a Professional Photographer

There are many different ways to celebrate this special occasion but they all have one thing in common, parents hire a professional photographer. Now you might think that your uncle has a camera so you can spare some money on that, but do you really want to risk not having gorgeous photographs of touching moments and party details only a professional can catch? In the end, this day is like your wedding day in a sense, you only live it once in a lifetime.

Celebrate your Baby’s First Birthday in Style

If you need help to organize this one in a lifetime first birthday for your beloved baby and need some more ideas, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for reading and see you next week for a new post!

Muaks, Muaks


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