Desenio Posters Crush & 25% Discount for you!

Hello my Lovelies,

Hope you are well and you started this New Year with a smile on your face. It’s been a while since I last wrote to you here on the blog but it is about to change soon, as I really missed writing to you here! 🙂

Desenio Posters – A must have in your apartment

Today am super happy to be back with a new interior design post as I am doing a new collaboration with Desenio, the stylish Swedish brand, which makes gorgeous posters frames to make any interior super stylish.

Discount Code

The code “COCOREBELISTA25” gives you 25% off prints* on all of Desenio websites between 29-31th of January. So, it’s time to style/re-style your flat! 🙂

(*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration/personalized prints)

Picking the perfect posters for your flat

Now, honestly speaking, I cannot count how many hours I spent on Desenio website! They have SO many beautiful posters and frames to choose from that you easily get to click the “add to cart” button, A LOT! I think I ended up having selected SO many gorgeous posters that I would not have had enough space in my flat to have them all there! Haha… crazy I know, but that is literally how tough it is to only pick a few.

My Desenio Pick

Here are the Desenio frames I ended up getting for my bedroom and flat (after a lot of hesitation between these and some others), but am super happy with my final choice, making my flat feel like summer all year around and making my space a true pastel color delight.

Cocorebelista X Desenio

1) Kate Moss, Life Is a Joke (70×100) / REF: 8422-1

2) Miami Beach Palms (30×40) / REF: 10764-5

3) Pastel Cactus No2 (30×40) / REF: 3791-5

4) Dreamy Pastel Beach No1 (30×40) / REF: 10630-5

5) Pink Palm Leaf (30×40) / REF: 3814-5

6) Bouquet of Roses (21×30) / REF: 11189-4

7) Blush (21×30) / REF: 2649-4

8) Tropical Beach (50×70) / REF: 8411-8

9) Karl Lagerfeld (30x40cm) / REF: 7815-5

10) Surfers Van (30×40) / REF: 10036-5

In live from my bedroom

Some more pictures of the frames I currently have in my bedroom.


Thank you for reading and see you again soon on the blog!

Muaks, Muaks


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