DIY: Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper

Hello my Lovelies!  There’s only 12 little days remaining until Christmas, so I hope that you already bought most of the presents. Today I am super happy to share an exciting new DIY Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper Tutorial with you. As you will discover, it won’t cost you a thing and cherry on the pie, it could neither be easier nor prettier! So here is what you will need to style your Christmas presents, the WOW effect under the tree will be guaranteed!

This winter, I don’t know about you but I want to personalize every single thing around me (that’s not new, I know) and I am kind into black and white lately! So, in this DIY post, I will show you how YOU too can make your own Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper. In order to make it easier for you, I will be sharing 4 gift papers that you can download for free. I hope these wrapping papers will bring a little graphic and stylish touch under your tree! Plus, as we are often under stress during this time of the year, maybe you will forget to buy wrapping paper or run out of it, so these wrapping papers might as well save you in case of emergency, rather than playing the system D with kitchen paper, sad newspaper, or aluminum…

DIY: Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper

Here’s what you will need:

1) A Printer

2) A couple of white A3 and A4 pages

3) A pair of scissors

4)  Tape

Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper

5) Organic twine

6) Fresh seasonal greenery

7) A little sparkling Christmas touch

8) Let’s do it!

Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper

Once you have all 7 elements mentioned above and are ready to let the magic happen, it is time for you to print it all on printable white paper. To do so, you can download for FREE the following pretty black & white wrapping papers:

1) Snowflakes

2) Ho Ho Ho

3) A4 Paper Gift Wrapping

4) A3 Paper Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper
Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper
Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper
Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper
Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper
Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper

There you go babes! Hence, you are now ready to make your relatives melt as soon as they will discover your super cute and personalized Christmas Gifts Wrapping Paper under the Christmas tree.

Hope you enjoyed this new DIY post. If it filled your heart with some great inspiration, feel free to click on the Heart button and leave your comments below. It would mean a lot to me.

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See you next week for a new exciting post!

Muaks, Muaks


All pictures are mine.

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