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How to Celebrate your Chanel Birthday Party in Style

Every women love Chanel, whether it comes as a bag, pair of shoes or a cupcake. So why not bringing the love for Coco to the next level by celebrating your birthday around this chic and fabulous theme? Here are some stylish ideas for you to ensure your Chanel birthday party will both be classy and one to remember!

Here is how to style your perfect Chanel Birthday Party

1) Color Scheme Etiquette

Chanel is all about chic, classy and pretty details. Thus, ensure you respect the color scheme by only using Black and White as your main colors and then add some touches of Crystal, Pearl, Pastel Pink and Green colors.


2) Sweets’ Decoration

Make sure you set a Candy & Cake table and hire a very detail oriented professional Cake Supplier, as this Chanel Birthday Party is all about perfection and the tiniest detail count.

chanel cake

3) Replace the famous N° 5 by your age  

Be creative and change the famous N° 5 to the anniversary year you are celebrating! Not only it is original but also it keeps up with the chic Chanel branding style.


4) Dress up & Sparkle your table

Here again, it is all about the details. Dress up your table by using a sparkly black, baby pink or white tablecloth and some beautiful presentation plates. Then add a touch of color to your table with a few roses’ bouquets, place a few chandelier and/or smaller candles and don’t forget to create a classy Chanel menu, place cards if needed and finish this look by displaying a sweet and yummy gift for your guests to eat on the spot or take home.


5) Use Pretty Frames and fill them with Quotes

Frames are a must use for any Birthday Party you are planning as it is pretty and often gets some sweet message across. You can place frames on the table directly either with quotes as table numbers if you have a few tables at your party. Or frames can be placed a bit everywhere and especially on the wall and on the Candy bar table, if possible with some sweet quotes which will go perfectly with the cake, cupcakes and cake pops surrounding! Then when the party is over, it can still be placed anywhere at your home and will be a great souvenir!



You are now ready to celebrate your chic and classy birthday party! Have a blast and let the festivities begin!

What are your best tips to style a perfect themed birthday celebration?

Muaks, Muaks



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