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How to Style your Home with Unique Frames

“To feel at ease in your home is a bit like picking an outfit, you should personalize it with small elements, which will reflect the beautiful person that you are.”

Hey my Lovelies, hope you are well! As you know, I have recently launched a new category on the blog where I am sharing with you my great passion for Interior Design. So today, I would like to share with you one of my favorite secret to perfectly style your home and add this unique touch that will help you feel cozy in your own apartment.

In my previous post, l briefly told you which elements make your place both stylish, and one you feel happy to live in. Thus, this time I would like to emphasis on one of my favorite yet super easy styling tips, which is to personalize your space with beautiful frames that not only bring a great sense of style to your home but also mean something to you.

I believe that to feel at ease in your home is a bit like picking your outfit, you should personalize it with small elements, which reflect the beautiful person YOU are. That is exactly what I did when styling my apartment. I am personally quite obsessed with palm trees, pineapples, plus great quotes and enjoy adding a little crazy girly rebel touch. As a big fan of black & white photography, I initially decided to opt for almost only black & white frames that I got at Desenio, but I am recently more into mixing both black & white photographs with some colorful and more personal captures.

Now, I do not know about you, but I feel like some posters have been seen way too many times and I really get tired of seeing them in every homes. Especially the typical quotes or fashion logo posters (e.g. my, ironically, “super” COCO frame). Thus, in order to personalize my space and ensure my frames are truly unique ones, I am currently selecting some of the pretty shots I captured when travelling around the globe and will most likely print them online at Colorfotoservice. Their website is user friendly and I like this Swiss made brand because it is a great option to get beautiful high quality printed photographs. Additionally, Colorfotoservice offers a wide variety of ways to print our favorite pictures (so definitely also check it out if you want to create personalized gifts for your loved ones), making each of our captures truly unique and that is perfect as uniqueness is exactly what I am aiming to achieve for my new posters.

As I am getting tired of my current black & white posters, I am thinking about printing the below photographs by using Colorfotoservice’s “Premium” option either in mat because it could nicely reduce some reflections effects on some of my photographs or pick the shiny paper option to make the color pop more and to accentuate the details on my captures. I believe opting for both mat and shiny could work well depending on the picture. I do like the fact that there are 5 different types of papers we can choose from because that is a cool alternative as it allows to mix different paper patterns, bringing a more stylish effect to our lovely framed memories.


Now I want to hear from you! Do you also like to frame photographs to style your place and does it help you feel cozier at home?

Thank you so much for reading and I see you guys again next week for a new home styling post, where I will finally share my wait for it… living room interior design with you! Yes, this is finally going to happen, so stay tuned and have a lovely week!

Muaks, Muaks,



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