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CoRe Wellness & Beauty in Zürich - Lymphatic drainage

Water retention is something many of us suffer from, yet we don’t even know we have it. We tend to believe the extra weight we feel comes from our diet or eventual lack of exercise. Now, even though these two causes may be true for some of us, it is not necessarily the case.

I personally had to take way too many antibiotics at the beginning of 2021, after I caught a really bad bacterium. I went to see a few Doctors and since they could not find the issue right away, they gave me different antibiotics. Once my 1-month long treatment was finally over, I was left with a lot of water retention, I gained a lot of weight too in the process and knew something was not right.

At that time, I did not know that I was about to meet a person that changed my life and health for the better, Lucyna. She is the very talented and professional owner of CoRe Wellness & Beauty in Zürich Kreis 1 - Lymphatic drainage/Kompressionstherapie PRO + AROSHA Body Wraps based in Zürich, Switzerland. She is deeply passionate about health and beauty from inside and out and has a very strong knowledge on natural and Chinese medicine.

Firstly, Lucyna asked me various questions and just by looking at my tongue and my person, she already had so many insights on what was going on with my health. I met quite a few health professionals in my life, but the precious tips Lucyna gave me were the most efficient I ever heard and received. She informed me how antibiotics affect the body, and how important it is to adjust my nutrition and lifestyle to my condition and my body type.

I realized that I needed to adjust my diet which I followed for years - what and how I eat and drink up to 85% of cold food and drinks, since years. This on top of having taken antibiotics for 1 month, completely put my body out of balance - Homeostasis. No health professional had ever told me about the importance of homemade specially prepared foods and drinks. I knew there were some serious changes to be made in my lifestyle and food was going to be a big part of it.

Lucyna gave me a list of ingredients to cook and eat as well as so many insightful information. I have decided not to share all her tips here, to respect her work and as these are way too precious to be given away so freely. Instead, I recommend you to go meet her in person.

I started my lymphatic drainage journey of 12 sessions at CoRe Wellness & Beauty a few months ago and we took my scary measurements (I had never felt THAT thick in my entire life). Lucyna uses a special machine for lymphatic drainage and I have to say, each session felt really relaxing, to the point I would fall asleep the few times she was not giving me many precious tips on how to improve my health even more. I can’t tell enough how much of a gem Lucyna is.

After the 2-3 sessions, I started to see results on my body as well as within, since I was being more active in my life, the warmer food and drink were giving me more energy and the water retention would decrease at each session.

After my 12th session, Lucyna took my measurements again and WOW, I lost 5cm on my belly and my hips! Of course, I could feel I was much lighter than when I started the treatment. I had changed a lot of things in my lifestyle, but I did not realize that the change was THAT great and that I would finally fit in my previous 38 jeans size, which I never thought I would be fitting in again any time soon after the weight I had gained at the beginning of the year, following the bacteria issues.

One thing is sure, there is no secret magic formula, making us healthy and fit over night. We must be highly disciplined and find the right person to genuinely help us on our journey to a better version of ourselves. And then, we have to do the work for ourselves, while applying the precious advice received by those who know what is best for us.

The lymphatic drainage was a really important part of my process to be back in shape but so were the personalized advice and insightful knowledge of Lucyna.

Lucyna welcomes you, offering a whole health experience that goes far beyond the treatment you are doing. She could have just set the lymphatic drainage machine for me, but no. Instead, she offers you a freshly warm freshly prepared special Tea, asks you how you are feeling, checks your tongue, can feel in which area of your body you may have issues, gut, liver, etc. and offers you natural and efficient solutions to heal yourself. Lucyna just somehow knows what is going on with you and this feels nice and reassuring.

For more information about the treatment I made, feel free to contact Lucyna at CoRe Wellness & Beauty. She is also specialized in skin care treatments and made miracles, healing acne on many of her patients.

You can find Lucyna at:

CoRe Wellness & Beauty

Gerechtigkeitsgasse 19

8001 Zürich - Kreis 1 - Bahnhof Selnau

Tel: +41 75 417 4855



To sum up, since my treatment, I feel much healthier and lighter. I make much better food choices than I ever did before, focusing on slowly cooked meals rather than cold food or anything processed. I can only recommend Lucyna to anyone wanting to take good care of themselves in and out.

I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading it!

Big hugs,


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