Ikea Bedroom Styling

“Moving on a budget? Ikea Bedroom Styling is your way to go!”

Hey Guys! Today, I am super excited to share with you some shots I took of my brand new bedroom! I have always been obsessed with Interior Design and making things pretty by creating and adding some stylish personal touches. BUT damn it can get pricey… Now, the day of getting my new appartement has come and I hope you will get inspired. So, go get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or anything you love to drink, have a sit and discover my tips and the places to shop from to achieve a perfect “Pinterest” kinda Ikea Bedroom Styling.

Minimalist & Scandinavian Vibes

Not sure which color to pick for your bedroom furniture? You can never go wrong with white to achieve a perfect Ikea Bedroom Styling. Why? Because white is amazing to catch the natural light by brighten up any room, and light is life!

Having said that, if you feel like it’s too white, you can still play with the bed-sheets, decoration and curtains to add a pop of color. What I love the most about having such a bright bedroom is that I can easily style it and change the mood of my bedroom by simply changing some minor decoration aspects. Currently I am very much into Monochrome black and white and pastel colors with a touch of gold. So stop wondering what to opt for, go for white, you will never get tired of it and this way, you will get one step closer to a pretty Ikea Bedroom Styling.

Ikea Bedroom Styling
Ikea Bedroom Styling

Round Mirror “Stockholm” by IKEA / White Cupboard “Kullen” by IKEA /  Bed “Nesttun” by IKEA / White Wall Shell by IKEA / Ceiling Lamp “Gold Wire Square” and Nightstand gold&black by Maison du Monde.

Pax Open Closet

After spending days, weeks, months saving Pins on Pinterest about interior design, I quickly realized that my level of obsession for open closets was starting to be really serious and also a bit worrying! Haha So, I naturally decided to opt for the IKEA Pax open closet in white color. What I really love about the Pax from IKEA is that it definitely does bring a stylish vibe to my bedroom. Also, the Pax system is simply a dream as you can create and personalize your closet according to your needs and wishes. The only down side of having an open closet is that now I really have to discipline myself to keep it all super tidy all the time. Trust me guys, being born a super crazy messy chica, the challenge for me was pretty big but hey, the result is worth all the fight with the old messy me, isn’t it?

Ikea Bedroom Styling
Ikea Bedroom Styling
Ikea Bedroom Styling
Ikea Bedroom Styling

Wall shelf & Frames

Here once again, I got really inspired by my beloved Scandinavian kind of interior design and decided to fix (ok, I asked my Dad to fix it) a wall shelf that I also got at IKEA. I really wanted to have some frames in my new bedroom and as having frames on the wall is quite a common thing, I wanted to go for a wall shelf and must tell you that I absolutely LOOOVE it! Really recommended for you to achieve a dreamy Ikea Bedroom Styling. By the way, I got these super cool posters on Desenio, which is a super cool Poster/Photography website from Sweden. Don’t hesitate to order yours from Desenio as both their posters quality and customer service is BOMB.

Ikea Bedroom Styling
Ikea Bedroom Styling

Prints & Faux Fur

One of my other trick to give some stylish touch was to add a black and white carpet with light grey bed-sheets, which I both got from Westwing and the Faux-fur and white under-cover which are from IKEA. By the way guys, please don’t look at my feet… I wore new shoes the other day and it was super painful… So yeah my feet are not looking there best. Haha

Ikea Bedroom Styling

Show your little inner Kid spirit

Say Hi to my two little friends who I never sleep a night without. The pillow cover is from H&M Home and bed-sheets are from Westwing.

Ikea Bedroom Styling


That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed my Ikea Bedroom Styling post. Now, what are your tips to achieve a perfect Pinterest Bedroom?

Have a lovely day and see you guys next week on the blog for a new Home Styling post!

Muaks, Muaks


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