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  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum (Français)

    ici :) Voici un aperçu simplifié des différences entre le Bitcoin et l'Ethereum, qui sont les deux crypto-monnaies Les anti-cryptos (dont les banquiers, une partie des baby-boomers et la majorité des gouvernements, par Comme toujours, j'espère que ce post vous aidera à vous sentir lentement plus à l'aise avec la crypto Merci d'avoir lu cet article de blog sur la crypto pour les débutants(es) et si vous avez des questions Prenez soin de vous et rappelez-vous, la crypto n'est pas seulement un truc de mec ou de geek !

  • Meilleures plateformes pour s'informer sur les dernières news en crypto ?

    Existe-t-il des plateformes nous permettant de nous tenir au courant des dernières actualités sur la crypto 👉🏽 Question et réponse de la semaine sur la crypto pour les débutants, basées sur VOS questions. 😄 " Crypto Twitter ". Ce que vous devriez faire, c'est de vous éduquer sur la crypto. Ou vous pouvez aller sur et vous abonner gratuitement à leur newsletter crypto.

  • Best platforms for us to stay updated on the latest crypto news ?

    Are there any platforms for us to stay updated on the latest crypto news ? For example Twitter ? 👉🏽 Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. The best way to get the latest crypto news is Twitter, which we call “Crypto Twitter”. Something you should do, is to educate yourself on crypto. Or you can go to and subscribe to their crypto newsletter for free.

  • How can I make passive income with my crypto ?

    Here is how to make passive income with your crypto in 5 easy steps: You download your favorite crypto exchange app (Binance, FTX or Kraken... to only name a few) You buy your favorite crypto using one of Weekly Crypto Q&A for beginners, based on YOUR questions. @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista by Disclaimer: Our content is about education, We only have 1 official account each: @crypto.with.kev & @cocorebelista Please ignore any other account

  • Comment gagner du revenu passif grâce à tes cryptos ?

    Voici comment gagner des revenus passifs avec ta crypto en 5 étapes simples: Tu télécharges ton application d'échange de crypto préférée (Binance, FTX ou Kraken... pour n'en citer que quelques-unes). Tu achètes ta/tes crypto(s) préférée(s) en utilisant l'une des applications mentionnées ci-dessus. Tu envoies tes cryptos depuis ton application d'échange vers l'application Yield ou l'application Celsuis Question / réponse hebdomadaire sur les crypto-monnaies pour les débutants, basées sur TES questions.

  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum (English)

    Since I am here to help beginners to understand crypto, I am going to oversimplify my explanation. :) The anti-cryptos (including bankers, some of the baby boomers and most governments, for example, will As always, I hope this post helps you slowly feel more comfortable with crypto and blockchain. Take care for now and remember, Crypto ain't just a guy thing ! See ya next week on the blog for a new crypto for beginners post. Bisous, Cíndy

  • How to manage your personal finances in 2023?

    2022 was for investors (including myself), I don't want to speak to you about investing into stocks or crypto retirement account, such as a 3rd Pillar (for my Swiss girls), or invest in other assets, such as stocks, crypto

  • Etam Spring Collection 2022

    As much as I love talking investing and crypto here and on my social media networks, I also still have

  • Web3 is the next generation of the internet

    . 🚀 Web3 and crypto are changing the game in about every industry: 1) Bitcoin is “unstoppable money” platform helped build a few killer apps that are changing the world as we speak: 👉🏽 Stablecoins (crypto It is fairly easy to earn 10-20% on your cash in the crypto ecosystem versus 0% in your bank. In other words, you can earn passive income and retire early just thanks to this crypto “killer app” NFTs are probably one of the biggest killer app in crypto, enabling the creation of economies around

  • Iced coffee & Investing... Uh ?!

    After all, it's recommended to invest 10% of our monthly income into crypto and/or stocks.

  • Why you should compound your money

    In the next post, we will see why crypto is “compounding on steroids”, meaning that, in crypto, compounding Text written by @crypto.with.kev

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