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  • Paris Fashion Week with SWAROVSKI

    I just got back from Paris, after spending three super fun days at Paris Fashion Week (PFW), discovering Paris Fashion Week 2019 I was supposed to attend Paris Fashion Week already last year as well but with MAC Cosmetics; attending fashion shows such as Elie Saab and a few others but I could not make it back then due to the organization of Baselworld for the fashion brand I used to previously work for. After all, I am NOT a fashion model (at all!)

  • 5 Essential Pieces You Need to Rock Athleisure Like a Pro

    Today, I am happy to share with you a new fashion guest post written by Amy Mia. For those who are still not in the know, athleisure is a global fashion phenomenon that managed to bridge First and foremost You can’t begin your new fashion journey without an incredible pair of sneakers, preferably There are many pieces of advice you’ll get in your life, but one of the best pieces of fashion advice #fashion #guestpost

  • Fashion Trends SS18: Back in the 80’s, will you dare?

    It’s time to talk about the SS18 fashion trends and see whether we will dare to adopt these tendencies or not… Here are the 5 ultimate trends which I spotted during the SS18 fashion catwalks. 1) Ice cream also from Esprit. 2) It’s all about Crayola colors & Jumpsuits While red was THE color of the last fashion Cherry on the sports-fashion pie? Muaks, Muaks Cindy #fashion #SS18 #trends

  • Spruce up Your Wardrobe and Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Style

    Today, I am happy to share with you a new fashion guest post written by Amy Mia. Her mission is to inform the world of all her passions and make blogging friends along the way. #fashion #guestpost

  • Etam Spring Collection 2022

    Hey girls ! As much as I love talking investing and crypto here and on my social media networks, I also still have a deep interest and love for pretty things, including pretty lingerie that helps any women feel her best version. :) This month of March, I collaborated again with one of my favorite clients from my agency and here are some of my Etam lingerie crushes. As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I am so so used to do it ALL on my own (small biz owner, team leader, pr, hr, content planning, invoicing, accounting, marketing, any boring admin stuff, photography, content strategy, website creator, model, speaker, social media manager, video concepts and full editing, deliveries and receptions, negociations, contracts, copyrighting, moodboards, storytelling, community management, meetings, stylist, cooker, and the list goes on...) but since a few months I just felt too overwhelmed and I realized it's about time to ask some more help and find great talents to surround myself with on specific creative photography and video projects for my blog and social media networks. I take so much care of my clients projects that I have very limited time and energy for my own. Trying to make it 50-50% and am on the road to it. :) I decided to shoot this spring campaign with some help this time, as I got really tired and umotivated to ALWAYS do it all on my own with my camera and tripods. Seeing these pictures results, I could not be happier with my decision on hiring Mélanie, a talented photogapher based in Lausanne. If you like any of these Etam lingerie looks, you can find them either in their Boutiques or online ! Hope you will like these pics as much as we do ! PS: Since most lingerie is transparent, I used the nipple cover thingy to hide them but turns out it shows more than if I would not have worn them. For next time I know it's better not to use them when wearing light colors lingerie ! ^^ Big hugs, Cíndy

  • 8 Must-have Dresses for this Summer

    Today I am back with a new fashion post full of summer vibes, palm trees and happy times. Muaks, Muaks Cíndy #fashion #dresses #style #swissblogger #blogsuisse #wear

  • 6 Fall 2017 trends you should adopt

    Hey my Lovelies, it has been a while since I did not share some fashion inspiration on the blog so I You all know that I am a summer child, but when it comes to fashion I am always happy to be able to wear So, if you struggle as I do but want to feel cool and fashionable in your clothes this fall 2017, here I have no doubt fashion bloggers will style it perfectly but I feel like I would struggle a bit more. Muaks, Muaks Cindy #fashion #fall #swissblogger #2017 #trends

  • Time to get NA-KD & 20% off!

    Today it is ALL about fashion for once. fashion world. By the way, if you want to watch my NA-KD SS18 Fashion Haul (which happens to be my first fashion haul EVER), head to my Instagram and click on my “Fashion Highlights” to watch the full story. Have you seen my SS18 Fashion Haul with @nakdfashion in my Highlight Stories yet?

  • Fall Faux Fur Bombers Alert

    My blog is not about fashion because I am not the type of person who likes to be photographed all day However, this does not mean that the latest fashion trends are not inspiring me when it comes to buy/ I am actually quite a fan of fashion and I really enjoy reading all about it to always be aware of what Muaks, Muaks Cindy #fashion #cocorebelista #tds #swissblogger #thedesignstudio #trends #fauxfur

  • My Ultimate Christmas 2016 Wish List

    The Earrings Set When I discovered my dream Clutch on Bon Prix online shop, I was going through their fashion #christmasdiscounts #fashion #favoriteproduct #wishlist

  • Pre-Summer 2017 Essentials

    #fashion #summerparty #summer #wishlist #BeachWaves #beachgirl #beachwear

  • “Earrings Jackets” is the Answer!

    Discover more of my Favorite Beauty Tips Muaks, Muaks Cíndy #fashion #earrings #earringsjackets #fall2016

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