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  • Breast Reduction: 4 Months Post-Surgery + Q&A

    I know I should focus on the good, since all this will make my life easier and healthier but to be honest But at the same time, my life and my health do not have a price, so yes, I believe my breast reduction through a breast reduction surgery but this pain goes away by the days and will leave you happy and healthy Muaks, Muaks, Cíndy #health #breastreduction #wellness #estheticsurgery #plasticsurgery

  • Burnout: 1 Year Post-Burnout & Some Life Updates

    Bisousss, bisousss Cindy #health #swissinstagramer #burnout #selfcare #mentalhealth #selfemployment #

  • Burnout: There is no rainbow, without some rain

    Cindy #health #stayreal #burnout #selfcare #wellness #selflove #empower #nottaboo

  • CoRe Wellness & Beauty in Zürich - Lymphatic drainage

    At that time, I did not know that I was about to meet a person that changed my life and health for the She is deeply passionate about health and beauty from inside and out and has a very strong knowledge by looking at my tongue and my person, she already had so many insights on what was going on with my health I met quite a few health professionals in my life, but the precious tips Lucyna gave me were the most No health professional had ever told me about the importance of homemade specially prepared foods and

  • Breast Reduction: I am getting a Boob Job!

    In some countries, health insurances are wonderful and nice but that is NOT the case in Switzerland, as it literally feels like we all pay health insurances a fortune each month for nothing… but that is So, here is why my awesome Swiss health insurance will NOT cover my breasts reduction operation: 1) Your I could tick this box out of the 3 requirements list in order to get my breast reduction paid by my health Cíndy #health #gettingpersonal #breastreduction #wellness #boobjob #swissblog #blogueusesuisse #beauty

  • Why you should NOT trade your crypto!

    simply buying the asset and holding it in the long term. 2) You are gonna absolutely ruin your mental health WHY would you try to trade to ruin your mental health and at the same time underperform a simple “buy

  • Should I trade my crypto ?

    hold their assets forever and never sell" (which is proven to be the best investing strategy to build wealth worse: when you try to trade the markets (buy and sell all the time), you actually ruin your mental health

  • 2020: Goodbye Comfort Zone & Unalignment

    I know it may be hard now, but I really think that all of us (in good health and with a roof over our spending money on, are the few basic and simple things in life, including our own physical and mental health will emphasis on spending our money on various experiences and things that truly help us feel better, healthier

  • I Tried Essence Makeup Lipsticks and Made my Wallet Smile

    and feel free to like, share and/or comment this post, or laugh (always recommended and good for your health

  • 13 Travel Tips For First Time Travelers

    should have scanned copies of your most important documents, such as your passport, visa, identity card, health For example, if you go on a ski trip, you should at least take health insurance.

  • Reviewing George: Air washer by Stadler Form

    His name is George and he keeps me healthy Hello little Sunshines, I hope you are well despite the challenging as how George air washer by Stadler Form could benefit you and your family at home, to keep the air healthy their air humidifiers, I somehow still did not see it as a priority to buy an air washer, to improve my health We are going through a difficult time at the moment, and breathing clearly and staying healthy, is now more important than ever, thus, I am grateful to have this air washer, helping me stay healthy and struggling

  • Best Products to Avoid Cutting your Hair

    products I tried and happily adopted, so say goodbye to scissors and hello to your new beautiful and healthy Like many other girls, having long and healthy hair is important to me, thus I have asked some great I am therefore delighted to share with you five awesome products that will bring full health, glow and After only one week and a half using it, my hair already got healthier, shinier and stronger.