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  • New City, new Desenio Frames

    I would say the overall style is clean, pure, calm, elegant and cozy, thanks to the Bohemian and Berber It's definitely still my style and I may use these again in the future. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will get yourself some pretty frames to style your home!

  • MUAU Hoops Earrings Stack

    loved hoops, and now that I got 8 piercings on my ears in total, I love to play with different earrings style Hope you like this style and this kind of small styling blog post!

  • Etam Spring Collection 2022

    Hey girls ! As much as I love talking investing and crypto here and on my social media networks, I also still have a deep interest and love for pretty things, including pretty lingerie that helps any women feel her best version. :) This month of March, I collaborated again with one of my favorite clients from my agency and here are some of my Etam lingerie crushes. As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I am so so used to do it ALL on my own (small biz owner, team leader, pr, hr, content planning, invoicing, accounting, marketing, any boring admin stuff, photography, content strategy, website creator, model, speaker, social media manager, video concepts and full editing, deliveries and receptions, negociations, contracts, copyrighting, moodboards, storytelling, community management, meetings, stylist, cooker, and the list goes on...) but since a few months I just felt too overwhelmed and I realized it's about time to ask some more help and find great talents to surround myself with on specific creative photography and video projects for my blog and social media networks. I take so much care of my clients projects that I have very limited time and energy for my own. Trying to make it 50-50% and am on the road to it. :) I decided to shoot this spring campaign with some help this time, as I got really tired and umotivated to ALWAYS do it all on my own with my camera and tripods. Seeing these pictures results, I could not be happier with my decision on hiring Mélanie, a talented photogapher based in Lausanne. If you like any of these Etam lingerie looks, you can find them either in their Boutiques or online ! Hope you will like these pics as much as we do ! PS: Since most lingerie is transparent, I used the nipple cover thingy to hide them but turns out it shows more than if I would not have worn them. For next time I know it's better not to use them when wearing light colors lingerie ! ^^ Big hugs, Cíndy

  • Ikea Bedroom Styling

    Ikea Bedroom Styling is your way to go!” Hey Guys! You can never go wrong with white to achieve a perfect Ikea Bedroom Styling. Why? Really recommended for you to achieve a dreamy Ikea Bedroom Styling. Styling post. Have a lovely day and see you guys next week on the blog for a new Home Styling post!

  • My Ikea Apartment Styling

    , I am finally sharing with you my Ikea APARTMENT Styling! Ikea Apartment Styling Tour THE ENTRANCE As you will quickly notice, my flat is quite small as it is Thanks God I had him, otherwise my home styling posts would probably not even exist. My final styling touch advise to you for a perfect Ikea Apartment Styling is to ensure you always have More Home Styling Inspo: HERE Thanks so so much for reading this Ikea Apartment Styling post and I see

  • Celebrate this Fall 2020 in style with Pumpkins

    that fall is a beautiful season and it is therefore an absolute “must” to welcome & celebrate it in style Here is what you will need to celebrate this fall 2020 in style: 1) A variety of Sizes and Shapes of Otherwise, the style you might wish your pumpkins to have might end up varying from your initial vision These will be perfect to style your pumpkins! Do not add “bling” to all your pumpkins if you are opting for a classy and chic style.

  • How to Style your Home with Unique Frames

    So today, I would like to share with you one of my favorite secret to perfectly style your home and add Thus, this time I would like to emphasis on one of my favorite yet super easy styling tips, which is to personalize your space with beautiful frames that not only bring a great sense of style to your home That is exactly what I did when styling my apartment. Do you also like to frame photographs to style your place and does it help you feel cozier at home?

  • I only eat with Gold flatware

    Today I am back with some events styling tips to show you how small details can make quite a big impact One of the things I enjoy styling the most when I organize a brunch or dinner celebration is the table Although there are many styles, one of my favorite is gold flatware has I feel like it is the perfect Hope you girls enjoyed this new events styling post. & for more event styling inspo, there you go!

  • Desenio Posters Crush & 25% Discount for you!

    So, it’s time to style/re-style your flat! Muaks, Muaks Cindy #style #deseniodiscountcode #desenio #swissblogger #interiordesign #discountcode #

  • Spruce up Your Wardrobe and Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Style

    hope you will enjoy discovering how you too can Spruce up Your Wardrobe and Bring Some Pizzazz to Your Style You can wear them with hoodies – athleisure style, with sneakers or sky-high heels, camisole tops, regular be your signature, and it’s highly important to have something that sets you apart – personality and style-wise They last a lifetime, never go out of style, and you know, by admiring the outfits of women you run into Amy Mia is an Aussie blogger in love with beauty and style.

  • DIY Mövenpick Snow Man Ice Cream

    8) The Buttons Use any kind of cute and colorful sugar decoration; stars, hearts, etc. 9) The Final Styling Add some winter white & light blue sugar decoration. 10) The Table Styling Add some gold stars and Coconut Ensure you do all the Table Styling before you start making your Snow Man, of course. In my case, I was alone to do it all, plus after the styling parts, I took pictures and filmed it all Wanna see more fun Styling inspo? Click here!

  • Birthday Girl: Unicorn Cupcakes

    Muaks, Muaks, Cíndy #weddingplannertips #weddingstyling #styling #unicorncupcakes #celebrateinstyle #

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