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  • Welcome to Locarno Film Festival!

    I am finally BACK on the blog and am really really excited to share my latest beauty adventure with you :00 PM I am makeup ready and have asked Katyln to apply as much fix spray as possible to ensure the beautiful this movie, nor this cute little girl, Luce Rodriguez, who is the main character of this dramatic yet beautiful At the very end of the film, when all actors were in tears, she beautifully smiled with little sparks #MAC #bloggerevents #vlog #privateevent #beauty #events

  • Clinique Pep-Start: Event & Review

    I am super excited to share with you this brand new Beauty Review post about the wonderful, colorful and youthful beauty Clinique Pep-Start Product Range, that just launched this Fall 2016. Every girl loves beauty creams that feels like it gently massages and kisses your pretty skin! Thus, about one week after the event took place, I received a beautiful Clinique package in the mail. Want to discover more beauty reviews and my secret beauty tips? Click here.

  • I Tried Essence Makeup Lipsticks and Made my Wallet Smile

    Hey my Beauties, hope you are doing well today and are not getting to sadden by the very little hours It’s been a little while since I shared some beauty tips and tricks on the blog, so I am excited to share As you know, I am neither a Makeup Artist nor a Blogger who mainly focuses on Beauty Products Reviews However, it’s no secret to you that I love to try out beauty products, while hopelessly seeking for “ Discover more easy Beauty tips & tricks here Have a fun day!

  • Long Lashes & Donuts at Clinique Event

    gorgeous event location, the Hotel Restaurant du Parc des Eaux-Vives in Geneva, I got blown away by the beauty own granola, getting our makeup done and trying Clinique High Impact Mascara, this fun event was a beauty As you know, I have a serious love affair with Clinique beauty products but I cannot really live without Muaks Cindy Photographer: @Clinique Switzerland #bloggerevents #eventsstyling #cliniqueswitzerland #beauty

  • Best Products to Avoid Cutting your Hair

    Hello beautiful readers, today’s post is all about a little hair struggle most of us have sometimes… So, if you are a “crazy beauty products adventurer” like me, you may struggle with damaged and dry hair five efficient products I tried and happily adopted, so say goodbye to scissors and hello to your new beautiful Which are your favorite beauty products to help you avoid cutting your hair?


    Hello my Lovelies! First things first, Happy New Year!!! Hope you all celebrated well with your loved ones and started this new chapter with a big smile on your face and plenty of dreams in your pockets. It took me almost two months (yeah I know, #is-it-too-late-now-to-say-sorry) but guess what?! I am finally sharing a bit of my last trip to Dubai, the most “Disneyland-feeling” city I have ever been to so far. I promise I will write a proper post and share it with you here on the blog soon, to tell you all about the places we have been too, what I loved, what I did not like that much (not that much to be strangely honest) and so on. But first, it’s time for you to watch my Dubai Vlog. Hope you will like it! By the way, please accept my absolute-deepest apologies (sounds so dramatic right?) for my first apparition on this new Vlog. Truth is, I was exhausted after flying 7,5 hours from Barcelona to Dubai and i of course completely forgot to film the famous (but sooo damn hard) “Hi Guys! We just landed in Dubai and I am SO excited!” kind of welcome to my Vlog message… Enough talky-talk… Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel! 🙂 Muaks, Muaks Cíndy #vlog #travelvlog #traveltips #travel #travelbeautytips #swissblogger #dubai #traveltheworld

  • COCO BRIGHT Review

    It’s been a little while since I haven’t shared a Beauty Review with you… So here I am today to share my latest beauty experiment. Therefore, as I love to compare beauty products in order to find which ones are the best, I was pretty Muaks, Muaks Cindy #review #teethwhitening #smile #beautytips #swissblogger #COCOBRIGHT

  • I tried Single Lash Extensions and broke up with my Mascara for goods…

    respect), it is crystal clear that the lashes their famous models have on the pictures are an absolute beautiful The glue this latter beauty salon used was terrible and the girl who did my lashes was as sweet as she (Based in Bienne, Switzerland) Elle & Belle Institut by Daisy – My rating to this beauty salon is 10/ Sara is based in Thailand and she and her team are your one-stop beauty and massage specialists in Patong Muaks, Muaks Cindy #switzerland #millys #phuket #lashextenstions #beauty #travel #blog #singapore

  • Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 with MAC Cosmetics

    Hello beautiful souls! Welcome back on the blog. month at Montreux Jazz Festival 2018, where MAC Cosmetics invited us to spend two days and one night in beautiful I don’t know why I am getting a bit obsessed with the latter… but well, we all have our little beauty Muaks Cíndy #MAC #travelinfluencer #bloggerevents #swissblog #cocorebelista #influencerawardsmonaco #beauty

  • “Earrings Jackets” is the Answer!

    Earrings jackets are a piece of jewelry that literally dresses your ears as a jacket would on your beautiful like is that by wearing a certain type of earrings jackets, you will realize right away that these beauties I guess that’s why I got all these beauties as I found it too hard to choose only one pair! Discover more of my Favorite Beauty Tips Muaks, Muaks Cíndy #fashion #earrings #earringsjackets #fall2016 #winter2016 #jewelry #beautytips #trends

  • Breast Reduction: I am getting a Boob Job!

    Don’t ever forget that YOU are the only one who lives in YOUR beautiful body, so YOU have the right to Cíndy #health #gettingpersonal #breastreduction #wellness #boobjob #swissblog #blogueusesuisse #beauty

  • Self-tanning mousse: I tried it and people’s reaction was priceless…

    Hey beautiful souls, today I would like to share one of my favorite beauty tip with you… Within the past few years, I have had many friends who asked me about my secret to a beautiful tan all year long (thanks , secretly trying each single beauty creams and makeup my Mama had in the bathroom. It was all fun and games until she found out that half of her beauty products had very little left. It will give you a beautiful and sun-kissed tan, while keeping it discret.

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