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  • Smile bright with Alpine White

    “One is never fully dressed without a smile” Hello beautiful! Today I would like to share with you a personal review on an efficient beauty product I had the opportunity As I love to experiment and try out new beauty products, here is my review on their teeth whitening strips Muaks, Muaks Cindy Discover my Other Favorite Beauty Tips here #review #teethwhitening #alpinewhite # whiteningstrips #smile #swissmade #beautytips #swissblogger

  • I tried Russian & Cluster Lash Extensions and got blown away

    For some reasons which were not linked to my beauticians, I used to lose most of the single lash extensions This latter beauty salon is a well-known eyelash extensions place in Singapore. on how you sleep too (this latter is not really mandatory but helps you to keep your lash extensions beautiful Instead go to your beautician and they will use the right product, which will avoid any damage or loss Muaks, Muaks Cindy #switzerland #millys #beauty #lashextensions #bambieyes #thailand #clusterlashextensions

  • How to Travel Flawless

    8 Travel Beauty Tips when you are on the Go Whether you’re traveling halfway around the world or taking So to ensure you will always travel flawless, here are 8 of my favorite travel beauty tips to help you the pie, by putting primer + foundation you will help keeping your skin well hydrated. 3) Pack Your Beauty Essentials If you are traveling outside your country, I would highly recommend you to take your high-end beauty no bacteria gets to you and will get you one step closer to travel flawless too. 7) Sleeping-Travel Beauty


    Hello my little beauties! Hope you are doing well. It’s a pretty exciting new beauty post because it is all about our hair; whether it’s our lovely locks Important: This code is available only until June 2, 2019, both online and in stores, on all the Philips Beauty and ask if you can test it first to see if this works well also on short hair. – 20% on all Philips Beauty Good luck my little beauties! Bisous, bisous!

  • New City, new Desenio Frames

    After a little break, I am happy to be back on the blog today to share with you my latest beautiful Desenio posters and frames selection, together in partnership with Desenio, my go-to brand in terms of beautiful

  • 8 Must-have Dresses for this Summer

    Hihi… But also, you know I love shopping, especially when it comes to beautiful summer dresses. Talking about beautiful yellow dresses, I got a crush for this super cute and fresh floral dress I found that I personally would find it hard to wear because of my boobs haha… That’s it for today my little beauties

  • New Mercedes Benz Class A

    The design is beautiful and it can suit both Men and Women, although I still feel like this car is made Because the new Mercedes-Benz Class A is elegant, beautiful and super comfortable. The design of this beauty is magnificent! Elegant, Classy and Sporty all at once.

  • We Stayed 2 Nights in Geneva with a 100 CHF Gift Card

    At the end of the tour, our tour guide, Céline, accompanied us to a beautiful restaurant, Chez Philippe Rhône 8, 1204 Genève E-MAIL Tuktuk tour in Geneva countryside Discovering Geneva’s beautiful

  • Croatia VLOG

    Truth is, Croatia is a beautiful country, where you can still feel the traditional vibes as most of the We then visited Split and it is a truly beautiful city.

  • Burnout: There is no rainbow, without some rain

    Then one day, you will wake up and you will be you 100% again, if not now “200% of beautiful imperfect Now, THIS day, my friends, will be one of the most important, beautiful and positive of your life. I am not sure where I am going with my life but I feel, deep inside, that it will be beautiful.

  • 6 Wanderlust Travel Essentials to Keep with You at All Times

    An emergency beauty kit Latest discovery and already half of the bottle is empty. 🙈 Curious? shared by Cíndy ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Oct 30, 2017 at 1:00pm PDT Girls, you probably have your own beauty ♡ (@cocorebelista) on Nov 11, 2017 at 7:14pm PST When travelling to an exotic destination known for beautiful Amy Mia is an Aussie blogger in love with beauty and style.

  • Acer Swift 5: When your new laptop matches your interior design

    Acer Swift 5 in white color already a couple of times online and remember having wished I owned this beautiful

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